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NOTICE:  Our Food Pantry has moved to 6508 Main Street in New Port Richey, FL 34653. 

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Welcome to Hopeville Family Ministries (HFM). Hopeville Family Ministries is a non-profit Christian community serving the New Port Richey, Florida area. Greatly favored by God’s everlasting grace and mercy, we have been helping and transforming lives for thirteen (13) fulfilling years already. We are dedicated to helping every individual reach their desired life transformations, may it be financially, mentally or spiritually. 

Chris is so happy with his artwork

Hopeville Family Ministries Inc. established the Small Steps Therapeutic Art Studio in early 2020. We are a therapeutic art studio designed with the goal of providing creative art sessions to people who are unable or unwilling to participate in a large group setting. We desire to be a safe zone to people with special needs to create art free from comparisons, group expectations or noise stressors. Creatively to help express and heal and change lives in our community one small step at a time.


Serving God and his people is our passion and it is our greatest joy when we see each individual flourish in their chosen field and grow closer to God. It is our greatest desire for all of us to be filled with God’s love, mercy, and grace. May we feel within ourselves His presence and may we have faith to endure over life’s adversities. May we always have resolved to continue to change to be the best version of ourselves. May we nurture a community of transformed individuals.

Community Support

God’s mercy is boundless. There is nothing more comforting than having God, the greatest being on our back, always ready to pick us up when we fall and generous enough to shower us with undeserved blessings.

The Event Center

Located at 6512 Main Street, New Port Richey. Available for art classes, training, birthday parties and special occasions.


We are determined to seek Him with all our heart and expect to have encounters with Him! Come join us at the Holy Spirit Encounter.

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Small Efforts Make Big Change​

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